Arkansas Adoption Laws

Understanding Arkansas Adoption Laws

When you are anxious to adopt, Arkansas adoption laws can feel confusing and tedious. As with any significant legal or life event, there is often a great deal of stress surrounding adoption. But, understanding how the process works – and what your obligations are – can help you move through adoption with less stress and more confidence.

The following Arkansas adoption FAQs are intended as a helpful resource only and do not constitute legal advice. Adoption is a complicated legal process. If you are considering or pursuing adoption in Arkansas, you may benefit from seeking the services of an experienced adoption attorney.

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Arkansas Divorce Laws

Arkansas Divorce Laws


Divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. And the process can become much more difficult when you don’t understand the laws or your legal obligations when filing for or going through a divorce. As with any legal matter, Arkansas divorce laws may change over time, and you may have a hard time feeling confident that you are meeting state requirements and court orders.

The following information provides an overview of Arkansas divorce laws and procedures, but is not intended as legal advice. You should always consider consulting with an experienced attorney when taking legal action. Continue reading

Understanding Arkansas Child Visitation Laws

Understanding Arkansas Child Visitation Laws


As with any legal issue, it isn’t always easy to understand how Arkansas child visitation laws and child custody laws will impact your situation. How well you are able to communicate and cooperate will play a role in visitation decisions. But – as with custody – the court’s decision will always try and account for the best interests of your child. Continue reading

Three People You Need In Your Divorce Support System

Going through a divorce is considered the second most stressful event you can go through, behind only the death of a spouse. You are coping with a variety of significant life changes, and it is important to have a solid divorce support system. The following three people can all play a significant role in reducing the stress you face during this complicated legal event. Continue reading

6 Things To Consider When Dealing With A Divorce

Dealing With a Divorce?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed during the divorce process, whether you have just found out your partner wants to separate or you initiated the divorce yourself. You may feel that divorce is the right step to take in your relationship, but you are worried about keeping your family together, the custody of your children and the division of assets you rely on for your day to day life.

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Divorce is Different… and the Same (3 Steps to Help When Going Through a Divorce)

[originally posted September 4, 2013]

Divorce used to be a monster people only spoke of in hushed tones when children weren’t present. But slowly and steadily public has opinion changed: divorce shifted from a tragic event to an expected one. And it is easier than ever to underestimate how difficult divorce can be.

So what happened? With the advance of social media outlets you are more likely than ever to be connected to individuals dealing with a current or past divorce. Sex scandals and celebrity divorces receive regular front page links or stories on national news websites, the business side of divorce found footing leading to a market saturated with divorce blogs and services, and a generation of children frightened of divorce has grown up to see family members live through it. Continue reading