Divorce is Different… and the Same (3 Steps to Help When Going Through a Divorce)

[originally posted September 4, 2013]

Divorce used to be a monster people only spoke of in hushed tones when children weren’t present. But slowly and steadily public has opinion changed: divorce shifted from a tragic event to an expected one. And it is easier than ever to underestimate how difficult divorce can be.

So what happened? With the advance of social media outlets you are more likely than ever to be connected to individuals dealing with a current or past divorce. Sex scandals and celebrity divorces receive regular front page links or stories on national news websites, the business side of divorce found footing leading to a market saturated with divorce blogs and services, and a generation of children frightened of divorce has grown up to see family members live through it.

Put simply, you’ve seen divorce. We all have. And while divorce rates have gone down over the past decade in America, our change in culture has made it difficult to notice. What we need to remember is that divorce is still a difficult experience requiring significant money, time, and patience, which only increases when there are children involved. If you are going through a divorce, there are three simple steps you can take to help make the process as easy as possible.

1.      Hire an attorney

Divorce is a significant, complicated legal event and you should consult a licensed trial attorney as soon as possible. Speaking with anexperienced divorce attorney gives you the best opportunity for a satisfactory outcome, dramatically reducing the stress associated with the legal side of the divorce and providing you time and peace of mind to focus on family, business, and personal matters.

2.      Develop a strong support system

A strong support system is vital when you are going through a divorce. Reach out to a close family member or friend you trust and join a divorce support group like Divorced But Still Parents (Co-Parenting).

3.      Do your research

There are countless blogs and support articles readily available online. Thousands of people have gone through divorces and are offering their help free of charge. Try to find an author you agree with (perhaps their divorce looks similar to your own). You will find advice on coping with stress, finding the best family law attorney, building a support system, child custody and visitation, protecting your assets, and more.

Divorce has become popularized in our culture, but it remains the second most stressful life event on the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory (death of a spouse was the most stressful). The three steps listed above will not eliminate the stress and hardship that comes with divorce, but they will simplify the process to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

If you are going through a divorce or believe you may become the subject of a family lawsuit, call the Roberds Law Firm on the Bentonville Square for a free and confidential appointment at 479-464-0904.

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