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Family law involving children is common, from split and joint custody and visitation rights to child support and contempt. An informed approach can have a major impact on the results of any family lawsuit, particularly when children are involved. Whether you are fighting for custody or seeking a change in visitation, consulting with an experienced visitation and child custody attorney like Ben T. Roberds allows you to prioritize the welfare of your child while fulfilling court orders and rulings.

Child Custody

Under Arkansas child custody laws, a minor child that resides or has resided in the state for a specified amount of time may be subject to the jurisdiction of the court. In the case of a divorce involving children, that means issues of child custody and visitation must be addressed.

Legal custody in Arkansas is based on the Best Interests of the Child Standard, and neither mothers nor fathers are given preferential treatment in awarding primary custody of minor children. In many cases, one parent will be granted custody based on a combination of factors, such as economics, environment, history of domestic abuse and the child’s preference. Custody can be contested or uncontested, though it is almost always less stressful for children when parents can agree on custody.

If you can work together and agree with your co-parent, you may wish to consider the pros and cons of joint legal custody.

Child custody attorney and family lawyer Ben T. Roberds has extensive experience in all matters of family law, including divorce, custody, visitation, guardianship, and child support. You can understand your legal obligations and take steps to do what’s best for you and your child.

Child Visitation

An Arkansas standard visitation schedule is often included within the custody agreement. Visitation determines how often and for how long non-custodial parents can see their child. Similar to joint custody, if you are able to work together with your co-parent, the court may grant “liberal” visitation, leaving it to the parents to determine when and where child visitation takes place. However, if you cannot get along or agree on a visitation schedule, a court-ordered schedule can dictate when, where, how long and even who must be present during visitation.

Additionally, your visitation rights may be restricted if it is in the best interests of the child. Many children struggle to adapt following a divorce or separation, and in some cases it can even be traumatic for children to split their time evenly or according to the Araknsas standard visitation schedule. Alternately, it may be determined that you or the child’s other parent are not currently capable of caring for your child’s emotional and physical needs.It is possible to revise your visitation, either to or away from the Arkansas standard visitation schedule. Your child’s welfare is the most important issue the court considers. If a new opportunity or change has led to a more stable income or

It is possible to revise your visitation, either to or away from the Arkansas standard visitation schedule. Your child’s welfare is the most important issue the court considers. If a new opportunity or change has led to a more stable income or environment, for example, the court may consider revising the visitation schedule, child support agreement or even the custody agreement.

Child visitation and custody lawyer Ben T. Roberds has helped parents and families navigate the challenges and stress of family lawsuits and do what’s best for their child for years. With the right resources and support, you can understand court orders and take steps to help present a revised custody or visitation agreement the court will agree to.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about child visitation or custody in Arkansas…

I want to do what’s best for my child, but I don’t want to hurt my ex.

Issues of divorce, custody, visitation, and child support always proceed more smoothly when both parents can work together to do what is best for the child. But, these are significant and often painful legal events as one parent may not receive the custody or visitation schedule he or she feels is fair or deserved. And, it can be difficult to accept that doing what is best for you and your child may end up hurting your ex through no fault of your own. With the right legal support, you can protect yourself and your child while working to find collaborative solutions.

Is there a way to shield my child from the stress of custody and/or visitation battles?

Divorce, custody and other family law issues can create a great deal of stress – for you as well as your child. One of the best ways to care for your child during or following a custody, visitation or support dispute is to accept that you may need help dealing with these significant legal issues. By finding the right family law attorney, you can simplify the legal process, reduce stress and work toward the best solution for you and your child.

Is it possible to change the court-ordered custody, visitation schedule or support agreement?

No decision surrounding your child is set in stone, and there are reasons the court would consider revising the child support agreement or visitation schedule. Changes in income and environment, among other factors, can play a role in whether or not a judge will consider changing the child support or visitation agreement. And, in certain circumstances a judge may consider revising the custody agreement, from sole custody to shared or joint custody, for example. An experienced family lawyer can help you understand your options and take the necessary steps to present your case for a revised agreement.

Bentonville Visitation & Child Custody Attorney Ben T. Roberds

Are you fighting for custody of your child or a change in the visitation schedule? If you have legal challenges or concerns about child custody or visitation, contact child custody attorney Ben T. Roberds at (479) 464-0904 to set up a complimentary, confidential consultation. The Roberds Law Firm is Bentonville’s premier family law firm. We can help you protect your rights and find the best solution for your child.

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