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Qualifying citizens may be eligible to adopt a minor child according to Arkansas law.  When an adoption takes place – whether a private adoption in Arkansas, an Arkansas DHS adoption or you are going through one of the qualified adoption agencies in Arkansas – the law views the adopted child the same as if they were a biological child.  Arkansas adoptions can be contested or they can be uncontested.  Adoptions are legally significant in many ways, and under Arkansas adoption laws, they can have the effect of terminating grandparents’ and parents’ rights.

An experienced family law and adoption attorney can help ensure you have followed all legal requirements when filing for adoption. Is parental consent necessary and what is the best way to gain legal consent? Does the adoptee need to consent? What is the difference between contested and uncontested adoption and are you following all necessary steps to simplify the process?

Attorney Ben T. Roberds has experience in adoptions of all kinds.  If you would like a complimentary and confidential consultation concerning an adoption in Arkansas, call the Roberds Law Firm at (479) 464-0904.

How Does Arkansas Adoption Work?

In order to adopt in Arkansas, you and/or the individual you are adopting must be a resident of the state. Adoption is not restricted to children, however. Additionally, you can be either married or unmarried when going through the adoption process. That said, the stability of your relationship and finances, among other factors, can affect your eligibility to adopt. Fortunately, there are resources and professional support available to help you navigate complicated adoption laws.

When you are petitioning for adoption, you will be assessed on a wide variety of factors during a standard Adoption Assessment, or “Home Study.” In addition to exploring your motivation for adopting, you can take a careful look at your relationship status, financial stability, communication skills and other factors that could impact the welfare of the adopted child. While the Home Study can be intimidating, it is an important step where you can gain valuable information regarding Arkansas adoption laws.

There are numerous resources in Benton County and Northwest Arkansas that can assist you as you consider petitioning for adoption or giving up a child or children for adoption. From private adoption agencies in Arkansas and Arkansas DHS adoption photolisting to the legal support of an experienced family lawyer, you can take steps to simplify the adoption process.

Types of Adoption

There are several different types of adoption in Arkansas that may apply to your situation, including open adoption, closed adoption and relative adoption.

In an open adoption, the birth parent(s) and adopting parents interact and exchange information, including updates on the child and identifiable information like address and phone number. This allows the child to receive the love, care and support of their adoptive parents and gives them the opportunity to build a relationship with their birth parents. Additionally, birth parents can feel more secure in their child’s wellbeing as they had a say in who adopted their child. There is no standard or required level of communication in an open adoption, and interactions may range from regular visits to the occasional card or call on holidays.

Closed adoption is when there is no interaction or sharing of identifiable information between the birth parents and adoptive parents. The birth parent(s) do not have a say in who adopts their child, though they can feel confident the state of Arkansas has completed rigorous assessments and home studies to find a suitable and loving environment.

If you are considering adoption, or if you have questions about the adoption process, you may benefit from speaking with an experienced family lawyer. Attorney Ben T. Roberds and the Roberds Law Firm have experience in all types of adoption cases and can help you navigate the process so you can move forward in your life.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about adoption in Arkansas…

I’m nervous I won’t be eligible to adopt. Can I take steps to improve my chances?

There are a variety of factors reviewed when your adoption petition is being considered. By taking strategic steps and committing to healthy, productive changes in your personal life, relationships and career, you can make yourself a more qualified candidate in the eyes of the state. Consulting with or hiring an adoption attorney does not mean you are committed to going through with an adoption, only that you are prepared to do so if you choose.

I don’t want anyone to know that I’m trying to adopt.

You may not want anyone to know you are trying to adopt until you are sure the process has been finalized. Bentonville family attorney Ben T. Roberds is always available to discuss your questions or concerns in a secure and confidential environment. The Roberds Law Firm has handled a variety of adoption cases and is qualified to offer legal support at any stage in the adoption process, whether contested or uncontested, open or closed.

I’m still not sure what my next step should be…

As with any significant legal event, adoption can quickly leave you feeling uncertain, confused or overwhelmed. There are many resources, including the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services, as well as private adoption agencies that can help guide you through the process. And, if you have additional questions, an experienced family attorney can provide further support. Learn more in our Legal News blog post on Adoption FAQs.

Bentonville & Northwest Arkansas Adoption Lawyer

If you are considering adopting a child or giving up your child for adoption, the Roberds Law Firm can help you understand your legal rights and obligations. Contact attorney Ben T. Roberds today at (479) 464-0904 to set up a free, confidential consultation to discuss your options and how you can proceed.

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