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Do You Have a Warrant for Your Arrest or Are You Wanted for Extradition?


When extradition and arrest warrants are issued, law enforcement agencies are looking for the subject to take into custody. Arrest warrants are more common than many Arkansas residents realize. In many cases, an individual may have a warrant issued for their arrest without even realizing it. And, the longer a warrant remains outstanding, the more likely you are to face steep fines and penalties. Extradition means that there is a possibility that a law enforcement agency from another state or jurisdiction has an arrest warrant for the subject. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can be critical if you have become the subject of an arrest warrant or extradition in this or another state.

Extradition and arrest warrants fit under the umbrella of a criminal defense attorney. But, the more experience your attorney has dealing with arrest warrants and extradition cases specifically, the more confidence you can have in your legal representation. Attorney Ben T. Roberds has extensive experience working with law enforcement agencies and clients with active or pending arrest warrants or who may be subject to extradition.

Is There a Warrant for Your Arrest?

An outstanding arrest warrant can lead to a variety of personal, professional, and legal challenges. You won’t be allowed to travel by airplane with an outstanding warrant, and you may be subject to an embarrassing public arrest. An outstanding arrest warrant also gives police officers the right to search you or your car if you are pulled over for even a minor infraction, which can lead to additional charges. You may be arrested publicly, at work, or while you are with your family, damaging your reputation and relationships. Even if you are taken in quietly, you may be held for up to 48 hours before you are allowed to post a bond, an absence that can lead to reprimands or dismissal at work.

If there is a warrant out for your arrest, it is important that you consult with an experienced defense attorney. There are a number of important, time-sensitive steps you can take to minimize unnecessary complications. In cases of minor violations, for example, your attorney may be able to resolve underlying matters and have the warrant quashed, or made invalid.

Northwest Arkansas criminal defense attorney Ben T. Roberds and the Roberds Law Firm have provided counsel to individuals with active or pending warrants as well as those who may be subject to extradition.

Defending Against Extradition

Many people have misconceptions about how extradition works and who is likely to be extradited. Whether you are wanted for misdemeanor or felony violations in another state, hiring Arkansas legal counsel can give you an opportunity to block or mitigate the extradition process.

If it isn’t possible to block extradition, you may be eligible for a fugitive bond. Instead of remaining in custody until you can be transported to the state where you will be charged, a fugitive bond may allow you to remain free, so long as you guarantee to appear in court in the issuing state at the appointed time and date. Not only can this save you extensive time in jail waiting to be moved to the appropriate jurisdiction, but it will be much easier to prepare your defense and meet with your attorney than it would be if you were incarcerated.

It should be noted that Attorney Ben T. Roberds is only licensed to practice in Arkansas, and you should retain legal counsel in the state that issued the arrest warrant and extradition request.

Arkansas Arrest Warrant & Extradition Attorney Ben T. Roberds

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