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Have You Been Arrested for DUI/DWI in Northwest Arkansas?


Are you facing DUI charges in Benton County? Do you need a DUI attorney you can trust to defend your rights and minimize the impact of a drunk DUI arrest?

Drinking and driving is one of the most common criminal offenses in America. This makes it all too tempting to trust the advice of friends, family members and attorneys without DUI/DWI experience when facing charges. DUI/DWI arrests can result in both criminal charges and an administrative case through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Potential fines and penalties can be severe and scale up for each successive DUI charge. In addition to financial penalties, suspension of your license and possible jail time, your vehicle will be fitted with an ignition interlock device if you are convicted of DUI in Arkansas. Ignition interlocks measure the alcohol in the driver’s breath, preventing you from starting your vehicle if your blood alcohol level or content (BAC) is above a certain level.

There are a number of time-sensitive steps that take place after you are arrested for drinking and driving. And, failure to meet your legal obligations following a drunk driving arrest can lead to more severe penalties, including higher fines, longer jail time and extended suspension of your license.

Consulting with an experienced Arkansas DUI attorney immediately after an arrest can have a major impact on fines, license suspension and other penalties associated with a DWI/DUI charge. Arkansas lawyer Ben T. Roberds has been both a prosecutor and DUI defense attorney and has experience defending against DUI charges in trial as well as dealing with the administrative hearings that surround a DUI/DWI arrest.

You May Have a Defense Against DUI/DWI Charges

Whether you are facing your first DUI arrest or your fourth, you should understand your rights, legal obligations and defense options.

Was the initial traffic stop legal? Were you read your rights? How did the arresting officer determine you were intoxicated? You may have been asked to perform a non-standardized or inadmissible field sobriety test. Or, the test may have been performed or assessed inaccurately.

It should be noted that Arkansas traffic laws involve what is known as implied consent. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer or chemical test and this is your first offense, you will face a fine and your license will be automatically suspended for six months.

A criminal defense attorney with experience in drunk driving accidents and charges can help you understand your defense options and meet your legal obligations while working to minimize the penalties you will face after being arrested for drinking and driving.

How do I get my license reinstated?

In addition to paying fines and fees and waiting the required amount of time, individuals charged with DUI in Arkansas must complete an approved drug and alcohol education course or treatment program before their license is eligible for reinstatement.

It is important that you keep a clean driving record following a drunk driving charge as subsequent offenses in a five year period will result in more serious fines and penalties, including incarceration and possible permanent suspension of your license.

Bentonville & Northwest Arkansas DUI Attorney Ben T. Roberds

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, experienced traffic lawyer and DUI defense attorney Ben T. Roberds can help you understand your defense options and, in the case of a conviction, meet all legal obligations and court orders to minimize the impact of the DUI charge and move forward in your life.

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