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Are You Running a Business in Arkansas?

Running your own business can be challenging. You not only have the pressure of making your vision come to life, but you’re responsible for all of the little details that affect how well your business runs.

If you’re creating a business plan, you might realize just how many steps go into getting a business off the ground. Or, maybe you’ve been running a small, independent business for a while, and now that you’re ready to expand – secure a brick-and-mortar location, hire employees, take on a business partner or investor – you find yourself overwhelmed by legal requirements and piles of business documents.

It may be that you spend so much time and energy managing your business that you no longer think about the small print that can have such a large impact on you revenue and workload.

Whether you’re concerned with every little detail or focused on the big picture, you still need to make sure you’re following the law and protecting your ideas, assets, and employees. Signing a bad contract or neglecting to set important agreements in stone could increase legal or financial risk down the line.

Professionally created documents reduce workload, eliminate conflict, and protect your interests through proper legal backing. Additionally, business clients, customers, and partners gain confidence in your business when they are presented with clear, clean, professional documents.

Arkansas attorney Ben T. Roberds has extensive experience and is proficient in drafting a wide variety of business documents, including:

  • licenses (for teachers, contractors, architects, appraisers, cosmetologists, and many more)
  • permits (health permits, zoning permits, occupational permits, building permits, etc.)
  • operating agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • buyout provisions
  • contracts with partners and employees
  • contracts with manufacturers and distributors
  • waivers of liability
  • liens
  • employment agreements
  • employee eligibility forms
  • new hire reporting
  • employee and employer tax forms
  • employee insurance agreements
  • non-compete clauses
  • non-disclosure clauses
  • buy-sell provisions
  • land sale documents
  • deeds
  • leases
  • triple net leases
  • landlord-tenant contracts
  • unlawful detainer
  • evictions
  • merger agreements
  • and more

So, exactly which documents do you need for your small business?

Why Work with a Small Business Lawyer?

A business lawyer can help identify exactly which agreements, contracts, forms, reports, and other documents you need to have in place to secure the future of your business.

Your business law attorney can help clarify and state your terms, weigh the costs and benefits of any particular agreement, and prioritize your best interests. Further, a lawyer can help you properly fill out complicated documents, file them appropriately, and navigate the ins-and-outs of Arkansas state law.

When you have the appropriate business documents in place, you can rest assured that your business is protected and no detail has gone neglected. By allowing an attorney to explain legal jargon, deal with fine print, and draft necessary documents, you can find more time to focus on all the other aspects of business management.

To schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique needs with a skilled small business lawyer, call the Ben T. Roberds and the Roberds Law Firm at (479) 464-0904.

How Do I Start a Business?

A great business plan is the foundation for any successful long-term business. Once you have a clearer picture of what you want to do and how you want to do it, you will need to identify what type of business you will create (e.g., LLC, corporation, nonprofit) and appropriately register with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

A small business lawyer can help with a variety of start-up steps to help protect and grow your business. Learn more about starting a business.

Small Business Lawyer Ben T. Roberds

If you have questions about business management and need legal support, or if you need help drafting new contracts, agreements, or other business documents, call the Roberds Law Firm in Bentonville, Arkansas to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation. (479) 464-0904

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