Arkansas Business Power Breakfast: Women Business Leaders

Arkansas Business Power Breakfast: Women Business Leaders


Studies regularly find that companies that employ women in leadership positions see increased profits and reduced interpersonal challenges. Yet we continue to see women earning lower wages than men for the same work, and leadership around the country remains disproportionately male. Many women in business struggle to find appropriate mentors and create the professional network they need, limiting resources that speak to their specific situation or challenges in and out of the workplace. Continue reading

Should There Be Board Oversight on Walmart’s Sale of High-Capacity Magazines?

Should There Be Board Oversight on Walmart’s Sale of High-Capacity Magazines?


Should Walmart sell high-capacity magazines and firearms? That’s a question Trinity Wall Street church in Manhattan believes shareholders have a right to decide. And, last year, U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark supported that view.

The issue was raised by Trinity under the argument that high-capacity magazines are “especially dangerous to the public,” and therefore against Walmart policy and appropriate for a shareholder vote. Continue reading

What Small Businesses Can Learn from Walmart’s Recent Discrimination Suit Settlement

Anyone who owns or operates a business is – or should be – well aware of the legal risks they face on a daily basis. Material quality, service contracts, missed shipments, faulty goods, copyrights, and employment decisions are just a few of the potential areas where a business can face increased expenses, negative media, and lost revenue.

The trick is balancing the legal difficulties with smart and fair practices, contacts in business law, and a little bit of positive marketing – all steps even the smallest of small businesses can take. Continue reading

Join Small Business Saturday!

[originally posted November 30, 2013]

If your wallet didn’t tap out on Black Friday, you’re in luck! It’s Small Business Saturday! And with small businesses and internet ventures popping up daily, chances are you know someone counting on increased revenue and traffic from this underdog day of recognition.

It is both true and not true when people say anyone can start a business. The resources are available for even the most frugal businessperson to start a business and create a comprehensive online presence for less than one week’s salary, and social media plays an ever increasing role in search engine optimization. But starting a business takes a lot of work, and unless you have buckets of extra cash to pay others to do that work for you, it may be a long road. Continue reading