Joint Legal Custody in Arkansas

Filing for Joint Legal Custody in Arkansas


If you have children when filing for divorce, you may have questions and concerns about child custody. Contested custody is when you and the child’s other parent cannot agree on who will have custody of the child. Judges decide legal custody based on the Best Interests of the Child Standard, including a variety of factors from environment and economics to child’s preference and history of domestic abuse. In these instances Arkansas judges cannot favor the mother just because she is the mother, though many fathers continue to believe or fear custody decisions are biased against them. But what if you and your (ex) spouse still get along?

Though it gets less play in primetime legal dramas, in some cases it can be in your child’s best interest to file for joint legal custody. Parents can ask the judge to order “friendly parent provisions” and continue to care for the child with equal rights. Your child may split time living with his/her parents, and in many cases parents will share equally in making important decisions dealing with the child. There are reasons, however, why you – or the judge – may not feel that joint custody is in the best interests of your child.

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