6 Things To Consider When Dealing With A Divorce

Dealing With a Divorce?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed during the divorce process, whether you have just found out your partner wants to separate or you initiated the divorce yourself. You may feel that divorce is the right step to take in your relationship, but you are worried about keeping your family together, the custody of your children and the division of assets you rely on for your day to day life.

If you are dealing with a divorce, you may need help knowing what you are supposed to do next. What are your legal obligations? How can you protect your children, family and yourself? Taking time for these six things can help you feel more in control and reach a satisfactory divorce settlement. Continue reading

7 Ways to Protect Yourself If You Are Charged With a Crime

Have you been charged with a crime? Do you believe you may soon be charged with a crime? Whether you are falsely accused or guilty of the charge brought against you, you should understand your rights and what steps you can take to defend yourself. You may be confused, anxious or overwhelmed and want to forget what’s happening. But a criminal charge is a serious and complicated legal process. Knowing how to proceed when you are charged with a crime can protect you from undue discomfort and penalization. Continue reading