What Small Businesses Can Learn from Walmart’s Recent Discrimination Suit Settlement

Anyone who owns or operates a business is – or should be – well aware of the legal risks they face on a daily basis. Material quality, service contracts, missed shipments, faulty goods, copyrights, and employment decisions are just a few of the potential areas where a business can face increased expenses, negative media, and lost revenue.

The trick is balancing the legal difficulties with smart and fair practices, contacts in business law, and a little bit of positive marketing – all steps even the smallest of small businesses can take. Continue reading

Healthcare Deadline is Here!

[originally posted December 23, 2013]

Here at Roberds Law Firm we have tried to help keep you informed on Arkansas healthcare laws and grants. We recently posted on another grant approved in Arkansas, bringing the total to over $50 million for programs and personnel designed to help you learn more about and sign up for the federal health care exchange.

Today is the last day you can sign up for federal and state health care exchanges if you want insurance coverage beginning January 1, 2014. If you struggle to sign up due to high demand and website traffic, you will be able to register Tuesday, December 24, but you should still attempt to sign up on the 23rd.  Continue reading

More Healthcare Grants Approved

[originally posted December 23, 2013]

Debate continues to rage on the Affordable Care Act and the health care exchange, and the answers to your questions may be difficult to find with online research alone. Not because there is a dearth of information, but because a great deal of what you find is incomplete, uninformed, slanted, or simply untrue. And even if you find accurate, complete information, understanding America’s healthcare system remains a daunting task. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season to Drive Safe

[originally posted December 15, 2013]

While Bing Crosby and children everywhere still dream of having a white Christmas, after last week’s hazardous road conditions Arkansas drivers may not be so keen on the idea. Icy roads, increased holiday traffic, and two of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year – Christmas and New Year’s Eve – come together to make this one of the most difficult times to drive.

That being said, we here at Roberds Law Firm wanted to offer a few tips for winter driving. This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to look through the additional resources for more information.

‘Tis the season of wintery roads,
Where the ice spins you twice as you haul Christmas loads.
It’s a gamble to drive, but you’ve places to go.
So use care and don’t dare skip these things you should know: Continue reading

Join Small Business Saturday!

[originally posted November 30, 2013]

If your wallet didn’t tap out on Black Friday, you’re in luck! It’s Small Business Saturday! And with small businesses and internet ventures popping up daily, chances are you know someone counting on increased revenue and traffic from this underdog day of recognition.

It is both true and not true when people say anyone can start a business. The resources are available for even the most frugal businessperson to start a business and create a comprehensive online presence for less than one week’s salary, and social media plays an ever increasing role in search engine optimization. But starting a business takes a lot of work, and unless you have buckets of extra cash to pay others to do that work for you, it may be a long road. Continue reading

Crackdown on Holiday Drunk Driving

[originally posted November 28, 2013]

Northwest Arkansas drivers should exercise caution this holiday weekend. Not only is Thanksgiving one of the heaviest traffic weekends of the year, but it is one of the heaviest drinking nights of the year, to boot. That means authorities will be out in force, looking to crack down on impaired drivers and those operating a vehicle without a safety belt.

Have a happy holiday and drive safe. And if you do find yourself faced with a DUI/DWI, please call the Roberds Law Firm on the Bentonville Square for a free consultation at 479-464-0904.

Additional Resources:

What Happens During a Government Shutdown?

[originally posted September 24, 2013]

By now you have surely heard or read about the looming government shutdown on October 1 of this year. But what does would it really mean for you? What happens during a government shutdown?

1.      Federal employees not in “critical service” roles will go on furlough.

This also means military would not be paid until the end of the shutdown and all national zoos, national parks, and national museums would be closed. Continue reading